real-time Visibility

In contrast to widely spread perceptions, ERP systems cannot provide the desired multi-enterprise, multitier network visibility. They provide limited extended enterprise insights through point-to-point rather than necessary many to many connectivity.

Gartner: Debunking the Myths of Supply Chain Visibility (Dec 29, 2016)

Today's supply chain involves multiple entities, business units, and software systems. This results in information gaps that impede an efficient Supply Chain. SPHERE offers a configurable and customizable visibility solution that delivers end-to-end visibility into your operations.
The SPHERE solution monitors the most critical supply chain touch points in real time. The touch points act as triggers, enabling you to manage your supply chain by exception, isolating tasks that require user expertise, saving you valuable time, eliminate guesswork, and target the exact point of failure. 

Manage by

Exceptions bubble up, to keep stake holders focussed on what they do best leaving the rest for the system to automate.

Cause & Effect Analysis

What-If analysis of risks and potential point of failures with time and cost impact and service levels impact on operations.

High Customer Satisfaction

Increase transparency and provide the highest level of visibility that you have to your customers via a web portal.

visibility framework

Visibility Solution Framework

The SPHERE Supply Chain Visibility framework integrates with multiple internal and external systems, aggregating data and translating that in to intelligent, actionable information. The flexible and scalable framework conforms to your business needs and delivers information personalized to every individual internal or external.

Real-time visibility

Real-time Visibility

The ability to access data real-time gives you tremendous power and control over your Supply Chain

360° Visibility

360° Visibility

Never miss a beat with data from suppliers, partners, 3PLs, shippers, carriers and internal systems

Visibility exception handling

Manage by exception

Focus on what needs attention and only that needs human intervention.

Real-Time Visibility

Visibility after the fact or after the event has occurred is of little or no value. Getting information ahead of time to make informed decisions and take corrective action to minimize the impact on operations is key. The SPHERE visibility solution with integration into multiple systems and third-party application and a real-time data synchronization strategy enables end-to-end visibility of your supply chain in real time. The ability to access data real-time gives us the ability to pre-emptively identify potential risks and alert the right users. This give managers the unique ability to take corrective action or an work on an alternate strategy before the problem occurs.

Partial visibility or visibility into one system or one aspect of your operations is better than no visibility but is not good enough to assist in decision making and run your business efficiently. The SPHERE visibility solution is a decision support system with end to end 360° visibility with data from suppliers, partners, 3PLs, shippers, carriers and internal systems providing a complete 360° view of your operations. A birds eye view of operations paints an accurate picture of the weakest links your supply chain, bottle necks, challenges and potential areas of improvement.

360° Visibility

Manage by Exception

It is humanly not possible to physically monitor and manage every moving part of your supply chain. The visibility solution from SPHERE is designed to manage by exception. The absence of the right product at the right place in the right quantity would trigger the exception well ahead of the problem occurring to ensure corrective action can be taken in time. The SPHERE solution also has an exception lifecycle management system to track exception resolution lifecycle.

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