Get real-time view of flow of product across your entire supply chain irrespective of system, operational and geographic boundaries. Never lose sight of your products and manage risk proactively.

Elevate Visibility by monitoring more than forty of your most critical supply chain touch points in real time using the Elevate platform. The platform uses the touch points as triggers to manage your supply chain by exception and isolate tasks that require user expertise, saving you valuable time, eliminating guesswork, and targeting the exact point of failure. The platform is designed to provide fully customized, end-to-end supply chain visibility between shippers, suppliers and carriers. The solution also triggers early warning alerts to individuals, departments and business units, enabling proactive management that prevents supply chain disruption.

Business Benefits

Inventory carrying cost

Supply chain costs

Loss of sale



Customer satisfaction

enhance service levels

Give your clients access to same information you have
cut down phone calls with direct portal access
Provide real-time and accurate status
alert on potential delays
Notify for approvals if needed
Online archive of past PODs

Supply Chain Visibility

salient  Features


Eliminate data and information gaps


Unified view across your organization


Manage by exception and stay focussed


Drill down on any load, order or truck


View weather, traffic or live cams

real-time visibility

Exception handling

See our solution in action

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