Improve driver utilization, keep them moving, pay them more and make sure they get their home time with our state of the art optimization technology. Optimizes workforce, driver and crew schedules to maintain high service levels while increasing satisfaction, employee retention, improving operational efficiency and complying with regulations.
Elevate Scheduling by identifying the best driver for each trip based on availability, variable cost, Hours of Service, labor compliance and equipment compatibility including driver expertise, proficiency and preference. You can also improve driver engagement and satisfaction by considering driver schedule, route and equipment preferences and safety requirements. The solution optimizes driver schedule with multiple constraints and assigns them to the right loads/trips to ensure lowest cost, compliance with operational needs and driver preferences.

Business Benefits

Driver down time

HOS Compliance

Driver wage per mile

Driver home time

Driver preference

Map Driver to equipment

long and short haul

Driver scheduling

salient  Features


Real-Time optimization to manage schedule


Dynamic scheduling based in availability


Ensure driver preference based on expertise


Ensure 100% HOS compliance


Flexible for manual overrides

Plan driver schedule

Optimize driver scheduling

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