Improve operational efficiency. Move from a fragmented, inconsistent, manual process to the automated process that enables dispatchers to focus on complex operational challenges and exceptions.

Elevate Dispatch by simplifying dispatching by enabling planners and dispatchers to visually get a overview of their operations locally and globally. Dispatchers can also take advantage of complex optimization algorithms available on the Elevate platform to automate the dispatch process and focus on managing exceptions and disruptions in operations. The solution displays local and global KPIs in real time, flags exceptions, and proactively alerts business users, operational managers are empowered to fix any suboptimal metrics before they impact overall performance.

smarter dispatch

stay focussed with priority orders
automate manual processes
Natural language business rules editor
focus on disruptions that need human expertise
view operational and financial metrics real-time
perform what-if analysis prior to dispatch

20% Reduction in driver cost


1-click dispatch

sync multiple applications with one click
push routes to drivers gps
update TMS and partner systems

salient  Features


Drag and drop to build loads.  


Visually zoom into map to filter orders.


Visually see operational and financial impact.


Identify issues before they occur.


Manage and create dispatch rules.

See our solution in action

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