The growth of ecommerce and increased service levels by leading online giants has set the bar very high for traditional brick and mortar retailers. The focus has shifted to product delivery from 3 to 5 days to same day or next day.

Elevate Omni-Channel solution leverages your existing investments in physical brick and mortar stores, POS systems, warehouse ad inventory management systems, order management systems and floor planning solutions to deliver a state of the art solution to exceed todays customers expectations. A combination or technology enhancement in the likes of optimization and analytics along with process changes at a store level will transform your existing e-commerce offering.

Business Benefits

Ship from store

Instore pickups

Same-day delivery

Customer retention

Fulfilment cost

Loss of sale

ship from store

Omni-channel solution

salient  Features


Transform store to operate as a warehouse


Least cost order fulfillment from store


Proven to increase instore orders by 10x


Minimize loss of sale online and in-store


Dynamic last-mile routing at least cost

SKU rationalization

Right Inventory
Right Time
Right Place

SKU rationalization
Order Optimization

order optimization

Order Fulfillment location
Order Consolidation
Reverse Logistics

Fulfill from store

Operate Store as Warehouse
Mobile App to Pick & Pack
Ship From Store

Order fulfilment
Pick from store

Pick from Store

Kiosk experience
Pick-up Notification
Zero Touch Service

mode mix

Least Cost Delivery
Multiple Mode Options
Dynamic Carrier Selection

Mode mix optimization

Five step transformation

Right amount of inventory at the right location at the right time.

Order optimization and consolidation to fulfill from the right location.

Operate like a warehouse to pick, pack and ship from store.

Enhance customer with in-store pickup kiosk and auto notifications.

Mode mix and dynamic carrier selection for least cost last mile service.

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