carrier selection

Multiple modes of transportation or shipping along with multiple carrier options at any supplychain organization is very common. The challenge is always to pick the right partner for the right movement.

Elevate Carrier Selection by automating the process and optimizing it based on priority, performance and price. Manual selection could result in a sub-optimal choice of carrier and could also have a personal preferences which would result in an imbalance in the equilibrium. Automating and optimizing ensured isolating personal preferences and ensures chosing the most optimal carrier for that given load at that given time.

Business Benefits

Transportation efficiency

Capacity utilization

Contract compliance

Driver compliance

Cost per mile

Total fulfilment cost

sourcing simplified

Carrier Sourcing

salient  Features


Drag and drop to build loads.  


Visually zoom into map to filter orders.


Visually see operational and financial impact.


Identify issues before they occur.


Manage and create dispatch rules.

smarter selection

Mode mix optimization
Select carrier based on SLA, cost and reliability
Dynamic selection based on priority and performance
Pick carrier based on capability and capacity

Mode-mix optimization

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