case study

TL optimization

Customer is a point to point Just-in-Time carrier for OEMs with multiple truck load trips to the same destination multiple times a day. The operation at a high level looked very static, with very little scope for improvement, no variability and fixed schedules. The SPHERE engagement revealed benefits in multiple areas improving operations with substantial savings in multiple areas of their operations, including but not limited to capacity utilization, driver cost and overall reduction in miles.


JIT Truck Load Carrier

Industry Type

Truckload (TL)

No. of Trucks



Manual planning process
Manual dispatch process
Static demand
Static routes

Cost per mile above industry average
Miles per day below industry average
High cost per mile
High dwell times

Solution delivered

Schedule allocation optimization
Route optimization
Alternate lane allocation
Improved capacity utilization
Improved driver utilization
Increased more trips per day
Reduced dwell times

Business Benefits

Running miles per day

Driver utilization per day

Continuous move

Cost per trip

Idle time of trucks and drivers

results delivered

Before Optimization

After Optimization

Trips / Driver / Day



Trips / Month



Wage / Trip



Dwell time



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