case studies

Load Optimization

Customer ships over 3 million pieces every year. Solution delivered savings of over $2 a piece, year on year.

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TL Optimization

Truck load carrier with fixed routes and static driver schedule realized over 10% savings in overall transportation spend.

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Supply Chain Visibility

National retailer with over 500 retail outlets and 100's of partners gained end to end visibility on the flow of merchandize.

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Mode Mix Optimization

Large cosmetics manufacturer and distributer with over 15 Distribution Centers and multiple carrier contracts saved over 20% in shipping costs..

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Container Triangulation

One of the largest carriers moving containers to and fro from shippers benefitted by saving container movements by over 33%.

Enterprise Process Automation

The largest car rental agency in the world engaged SPHERE to automate a manual and paper driven process across the enterprise for efficiency and consistency.

Mobile Trucking App

The largest car hauler in the country worked with SPEHRE to build a mobile application to suite their specific complex needs and build an integrated workflow.

Fuel Optimization

Large trucking company with over 3000 trucks cut down fuel expense and out of route miles by 5%, leveraging the SPHERE fuel optimization solution.