Customized Optimization Solutions

Higher ROA with optimized operations


Maximizing Return on Assets (ROA) is no longer an option and optimizing operations is the only route to get the most out of your existing investments. While automation, integration and process improvements also get categorized as optimization, we decided to put out our own definition:




The science of translating complex manual processes of balancing multiple tasks with changing priorities, magnified by scale of operations; into a mathematical model that could do what the human does, only faster and consistently.
"companies interested in the optimization of the business"


SPHERE offers a modular optimization platform to optimize key operational tasks. The platform employs sophisticated algorithms and advanced modeling techniques to solve some of the most challenging problems in the industry.

Designed to meet your business objectives based on your strategic goals and architected to configure constraints on tactical challenges makes the solution unique and easy to use by your end users.

Tailor objectives


Our implementations are configured to meet your objectives and constraints.

Customize optimizations

One for you

Models for Strategic, Tactical and Transactional optimization needs.

Perform What If planning


Perform and compare what-if scenarios to simulate multiple options.



Optimization at times could get very resource intensive and could lead operations down a path of paralysis by analysis. Given the scale and complexity of operations, it could be ideal if one to could identify specific areas that need optimization. Sphere defines this selective optimization technique by using advanced analytics as Optimytics. Optimytics is the science of analytics-driven optimization. A proprietary two-step process of utilizing the SPHERE Analytics platform in conjunction with the SPHERE Optimization platform to identify specific subsets with most inefficiencies. This high-precision targeted approach results in speed, low resource cost with the highest impact.



Continuous Optimization could be the answer if you have a very dynamic business with changes in supply and demand by the minute. It is critical to identify the right problem that needs to be optimized continuously. This could result in sub-optimal solutions if not done correctly and have a negative impact on the bottom line. The SPHERE solution is designed to optimize continuously and identify a trigger point at which the solution can be executed. While one could see incremental benefits of continuous optimization by the minute identifying a trigger point would pick the critical point of highest impact.



SPHERE's optimization solution is designed and architected to execute large scale problems in real-time. While batching or scheduling is a workaround to solving large problems, it's not practical, as business demands change dynamically by the minute. Priorities and customer needs could change drastically between the previous night and the next morning. The SPHERE solution was specifically designed to meet this challenge and execute in real-time. The optimization framework is optimized to deliver the most optimal result in seconds making it a very useful tool for folks in the field.

Some Common Problems Solved
  • I can't execute what my current optimizer suggests.
  • My operations changes by the time I get results.
  • The results from my current optimizer doesn't make sense.
  • I need to get IT involved to make changes to my current optimizer.
  • My current optimizer times out or taken too long to solve.
  • My operations are very different and complex for a 3rd party to help.