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As carriers compete for drivers and work hard to manage increasing customer demands and regulatory needs, blending technology solutions with asset management is a growing need in the trucking industry. SPHERE can help you navigate the competing factors to  maximize capacity utilization, improve driver retention and increase profit margins. Our solutions enable carriers to provide high quality service, compete for an ever-shrinking driver pool, and reduce operational costs for improved profit margins. Our transactional optimization platform enables you to optimize your operations multiple times a day, in real time,  as customer demands and driver availability changes.  We achieve this by unlocking operational value from within your operations.

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Solutions for trucking

Schedule Optimization

Schedule Optimization

Improve driver satisfaction. Optimizes workforce, driver and crew schedules to maintain high service levels.

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Schedule Optimization

Route Optimization

Reduce your total logistics costs. Plan, design, and build optimized routes.

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Schedule Optimization

Process Automation

Eliminate manual processes, minimize fragmentation and bridge gaps created by data silos introducing consistency and efficiency.

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Schedule Optimization

Mobile Solutions

Enterprise mobile solutions to increase accountability, visibility and end to end process integration.

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Schedule Optimization

Load Optimization

Ship more loads with fewer trucks, maximize utilization of available capacity.

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Schedule Optimization

Automated Dispatch

Improve operational efficiency. Move from a fragmented, inconsistent, manual process to the automated

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Schedule Optimization

Advanced Analytics

Extract intelligence from your data to identify trends and patterns in your operations.

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Many features - many benefits

Improve transportation asset turns and fleet operational efficiency.

Optimize your supply chain network to deliver continuous move opportunities.

Manage on-time delivery by managing impact due to uncertainties and

Collaborate online with your partners and shippers with real-time data.

Identify backhaul and additional load opportunities to minimize empty

Seamlessly assimilate partner and shipper data with EDI/XML integration.

Maximize profitability per lane while managing cost per trip, fuel surcharges
and related costs.

Improve communication with wireless applications for drivers and dispatchers.

Improved route and load planning to maximize load efficiency.

Manage claims electronically to improve customer response and

Improve cash to cash cycle times by providing digital versions of signed
BOL/POD and invoice documents.

Track and trace freight movement in real-time for your shippers and
their consignees

Proactively monitor events for better exceptions handling.

Provide shippers with a web portal for online rating, scheduling and
pickups including payments for outstanding invoices.

Reduce costly wait times at terminals and customer locations with advanced planning. 

Real-time visibility decreases driver-dispatcher phone time.

Monitor Key performance Indicators (KPI’s) for sales, drivers,
operations and management.

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