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A constant challenge in the Retail industry is to ensure availability of the right product at the right time at the lowest cost. The complexity in business operations and multitude of systems to manage the complexities makes competing in today's market at a low cost a very challenging task. SPHERE enables an agile and adaptive supply chain visibility and optimization platform for planning, exception handling, and operational efficiently. The Sphere Omni-Channel solution is one of its kind with an end to end solution for today's market.

Online retail

speciality stores

warehouse stores

discount stores

department Stores

Product distribution

Solutions for RETAIL


End to end 360 visibility on flow of merchandise

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Route Optimization

Reduce your total logistics costs. Plan, design, and build optimized routes.

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Process Automation

Eliminate manual processes, minimize fragmentation and bridge gaps created by data silos introducing consistency and efficiency.

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Omni Channel

Elevate Omni-channel by shipping online orders from your brick and mortar retail outlets

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Load Optimization

Ship more loads with fewer trucks, maximize utilization of available capacity.

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Advanced Analytics

Extract intelligence from your data to identify trends and patterns in your operations.

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Many features - many benefits

SPHERE gives retailers the ability to manage operations and logistics while extending reach beyond the corporate boundaries to buying offices, suppliers, agents, consolidators, ocean/air carriers, brokers, de-consolidators/trans-load, transportation partners and retail outlets. This is achieved by delivering value through a tailored approach that addresses core challenges.

Optimize flow of merchandise for smoother operations

Receive notifications through the Early Warning Alert system.

Mobile app for store associates to operate as a warehouse.

Trace and track PO/SKUs with 360 Visibility from PO to POS.

Optimize logistics and transportation spend.

Optimize sourcing and procurement.

View data and information that matters on personalized dashboards.

Manage events and exceptions more effectively.

Optimize Distribution Center receipts.

Preemptive analytics, performance scorecards and KPI metrics at your finger tips

Reduced order cycle and lead times.

Improved delivery performance, fill rates and meet service level

SKU rationalization to ensure optimal breadth and depth of SKUs in

Analyze costs and drill down for root cause analysis.

Lower transportation costs against cost of goods sold.

Increased inventory turns for improved reliability.

Higher level of compliance.

Manage the PO life cycle

Better collaboration with suppliers and carriers.

Generate comprehensive reports, across all BUs

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