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Customer demands from third-party logistics providers (3PLs), their performance scorecard and level of sophistication is constantly rising. A 3PL’s ability to stay competitive depends on their flexibility, responsiveness, and ability to anticipate customers' evolving needs and ability to scale.
The SPHERE solution can help 3PLs improve fleet performance, warehouse labor management, and sourcing along with a customer portal that gives a consolidaed view of operations in real time.

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Solutions for 3PL

Route Optimization

Reduce your total logistics costs. Plan, design, and build optimized routes.

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Process Automation

Eliminate manual processes, minimize fragmentation and bridge gaps created by data silos introducing consistency and efficiency.

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Mobile Solutions

Enterprise mobile solutions to increase accountability, visibility and end to end process integration.

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Load Optimization

Ship more loads with fewer trucks, maximize utilization of available capacity.

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Carrier Sourcing

Dynamically identify and select carriers based on contracts, rates, reliability or business needs.

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Advanced Analytics

Extract intelligence from your data to identify trends and patterns in your operations.

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Many features - many benefits

rating and bidding to maximize profits.

a unified view of the supply chain network.

loads from the same or multiple shippers to Maximize capacity utilization and  reduce cost per load.

auctioning capability to bid out lanes to carriers

on-time delivery performance by managing impact due to uncertainties or disruptions.

carriers to lanes manually or automatically based on trends and performance

Improved shipper
benefits such as on-time deliveries, and reduced cost-per-lane.

Use complex modeling
techniques to improve load planning.

to execution stages through one shipper management web portal.

Develop an agile,
reliable supply chain.

rating and approvals, business rules, hierarchies and documents.

Real-time reporting and measurement of metrics.

Perform predictive
scenarios, and monitor and manage quote trends.

Advanced optimization for route optimization and reduced transportation spend.

customer satisfaction with real-time collaboration.

operational effectiveness and maximize revenue margins by lowering logistics

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