Operational Consulting

Schedule Optimization

Maximize workforce utilization. Improve employee satisfaction.

Elevate Scheduling


Improve driver utilization. Optimizes workforce, driver and crew schedules to maintain high service levels while increasing satisfaction, employee retention, improving operational efficiency and complying with regulations.

Elevate Scheduling by identifying the best driver for each trip based on availability, variable cost, Hours of Service, labor compliance and equipment compatibility including driver expertise, proficiency and preference. You can also improve driver engagement and satisfaction by considering driver schedule, route and equipment preferences and safety requirements. The solution optimizes driver schedule and with multiple constraints and assigns them to the right loads/trips to ensure lowest cost, compliance with operational needs and driver needs.

Elevate Scheduling
Assign the right driver

Assign the right driver to the right job based on expertise and proficiency.

Improve driver satisfaction

Improve driver satisfaction and retention by accommodating route and schedule preferences.

Minimize driver cost by creating schedules

Minimize driver cost by creating schedules that consider variable pay and seniority.

Avoid penalties by complying

Avoid penalties by complying with state-based labor laws, hours of service, and union rules.

optimization results based on soft knowledge

When necessary, override optimization results based on soft knowledge.

Assign slip seat drivers

Assign slip seat drivers or training drivers based on load and business rules.

Supply Chain Visibility

Communication across the global supply chain was inconsistent at best. At several points communication simply broke down leading to failures in the system due to lost data.


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