Operational Consulting

Route Optimization

Maximize revenue miles. Minimize cost per mile.

Elevate Routing


Reduce your total logistics costs. Plan, design, and build optimized routes that maximize lane density, load efficiency, and load factor.

Elevate routing by doing more with the same assets you currently run your operations with. Reduce your total transportation spend and increase profitability by improving operating metrics of reduction in empty miles, eliminating dead head miles and maximizing lane density. Determine optimal and profitable routes in real-time. Improve route sequencing, load sequencing and load consolidation to ensure higher load efficiency, fewer empty miles and reduced down-time. The solution includes but is not limited to constraints like - fuel costs, tolls, state constraints, loading and unloading locations and restrictions, customer's hours of operations, vehicle types and limitations, transit times, traffic, construction, commercial routing limitations as well as other costs attributing to cost per mile.

Route Optimization
Reduce transportation spend

Reduce transportation spend by 10% to 25%.

Cut costs by dynamically resequencing loads

Cut costs by dynamically resequencing loads in real time to meet changing business demands.

Meet customer SLAs

Meet customer SLAs with on-time deliveries and load compliance.

customer requirements and state regulations

Consider weight, volume, freight type and class, equipment, customer requirements and state regulations.


Supply Chain Visibility

Communication across the global supply chain was inconsistent at best. At several points communication simply broke down leading to failures in the system due to lost data.


Supply Chain Visibility Gaps! Learn more...


How does your organization stack-up in supply chain efficiency?

With Peak, SPHERE's supply chain assessment program, companies can get a sense of where they stand in relation to others in the field and where their gaps are.