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Supply Chain Planning

Plan to maximize asset utilization

Elevate Planning


Plan for the short or long term for capacity, labor, equipment and assets with advanced analytics and visibility into demand and utilization. Perform scenario analysis by mapping with trends over time and patterns in operations.

Never end up with excess or a shortfall in capacity, equipment, assets or labor with the Elevate Planning solution by performing advanced analytics on available capacity, current demand and historical trends. Respond to uncertain and variable demand to create a more efficient supply chain. This Sphere advanced statistical modeling and analytics tool assists in forecasting and planning of demand versus capacity at multiple levels. Align operating plans to financial goals through systematic and quick identification and monitoring of gaps. Determine how many assets will be required to cater to current demand, profitably well ahead of time.

Elevate Planning
Higher return on invested assets

Higher return on invested assets and reduced waste.

More time to react to disruptions

More time to react to disruptions and uncertainties.

Plan for multiple scenarios and pick best

Plan for multiple scenarios and pick best of breed with an advanced What-If analysis tool.

Plan with visibility into gaps

Plan with visibility into gaps in capacity and demand over time.


Supply Chain Visibility

Communication across the global supply chain was inconsistent at best. At several points communication simply broke down leading to failures in the system due to lost data.


Supply Chain Visibility Gaps! Learn more...


How does your organization stack-up in supply chain efficiency?

With Peak, SPHERE's supply chain assessment program, companies can get a sense of where they stand in relation to others in the field and where their gaps are.