Operational Consulting

Load Optimization

Reduce waste. Maximize capacity utilization.

Elevate Loading


Ship more loads with fewer trucks, maximize capacity utilization and find the right balance between all loading constraints and customized rules to suite your business, reducing transportation spend by up to 20 percent.

Elevate Loading by improved load plans and maximizing utilization of available capacity. You can now plan and build loads over a planning horizon of multiple days or in real-time based on your business needs. Decide mode and means of transport based on customer commitments, costs, available assets and freight type. Ensure business rule compliance and loading rule constraints of freight to equipment, freight to freight and customer to customer to ensure every load is in compliance with the business requirements and optimized to reduce waste. Load optimization also factors in unloading sequence and minimizing a multi stop load.

Load Optimization
Consolidate loads to maximize available

Consolidate loads to maximize available capacity to ship more in fewer trucks.

Ship more loads

Ship more loads in fewer trucks by maximizing load efficiency.

Plan and execute load builds

Plan and execute load builds over time based on demand and available capacity.

View demand or capacity deficiency

View demand or capacity deficiency to plan over a planning horizon.

Avoid consolidating incompatible

Avoid consolidating incompatible or unpermitted loads on a specific equipment with loading constraints.

Comply with state regulations

Comply with state regulations regarding total weight, per axle weight constraints, and overhang.

Unload more efficiently

Unload more efficiently by using last in first out loading sequence.


Supply Chain Visibility

Communication across the global supply chain was inconsistent at best. At several points communication simply broke down leading to failures in the system due to lost data.


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How does your organization stack-up in supply chain efficiency?

With Peak, SPHERE's supply chain assessment program, companies can get a sense of where they stand in relation to others in the field and where their gaps are.