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Elevate Cloud

Cloud based operational excellence

Elevate Cloud

Enterprise applications and transactional applications required heavy investments in hardware and infrastructure to meet security, scalability and suite licensing needs in the past. Technology has not addressed all those needs and so has the SPHERE solution suite.

The SPHERE cloud solution leverages scalable and elastic cloud infrastructure to deliver mission critical applications with high reliability at a low affordable cost. The cloud solution is modular and makes best in class enterprise grade solution available at a price point that could suite companies of all sizes. Pricing is based on modules and charged on a pay per use model with no overheads of maintenance, availability and scalability.

Elastic infrastructure

Elastic Infrastructure

Our software-only solution runs on any device, extending mobile capabilities to employees, contractors and third parties.

Modular pricing

Modular Pricing

Pay only what what you use and turn on or off the modules not required.

Always new

Always New

Automatic software updates ensures you are always running the latest and greatest software.

Access anywhere

Access Anywhere

Stop worrying about VPN and remote access, run and manage your operations from anywhere.