Sphere Methodology

the Art and the Science

Designing and developing business critical applications is an art and a science. The challenge is not just designing an application that meets business objectives, but also ensure the that the application is user friendly and usable by end users. The change management process is as critical as the design and development.


The Science

Document current systems, process and data
Internal client requirements / constraints
Benchmark current metrics and KPIs
Identify low hanging fruit
Pin-point integration hurdles

The Art

Understand the current AS-IS process
Day in the life of..... to map process
Current challenges, road blocks, frustrations
What would the user want to change today
Wish list of must have's and good to have's


Data integration architecture
Database architecture
Application architecture
Infrastructure architecture

Data consumption pattern
End user priorities
Strategic goals
User roles and objectives

prototype & Design

The Science

Key opportunity targets
Cost and service level targets
Configure interfaces and use cases
Model and solution definition
Edge and fail case scenarios

The Art

Wireframe and mock screen
Usability and accessability review
Gorilla testing
End user buy-in and acceptance
Scenario simulation


Configure interfaces
Test run solutions
Revise solution design
Evaluate performance

Short build and deploy cycles
Agile development 
Multiple environments
UAT and Conference Room 

deploy & rollout

The Science

Automated deployment
Monitor performance and scalability
Rollback plan for worst case scenario
Failover planning and simulation
Low impact deployment

The Art

Implement solution
Design and review performance
Deploy and scale
Joint pilot runs
UAT and Conference Room Pilot

Continuous Improvement

Get feedback from field
Management reviews
End user reviews
KPI analysis

Tweak solution
Improve performance
Enhance usability
Engage users

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